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The MoveMentality Podcast

Do you really want to be able to move with less pain?

In this podcast, Dr. Justin Klein explores the age old philosophy that movement is medicine, with a progressive, holistic and pragmatic perspective on health, aimed at leveling the playing field of health care as we know it.  The MoveMentality podcast is an alternative look at your personal health, and lays out the future of “total health” care, as opposed to the current “sick” care model that we live with today. 
If you are someone who’s suffering through pain, or you are one of the movers and shakers of the world who desires change in our healthcare system, you will love what you hear. 

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Why is MoveMentality® different from other training apps?

The integrative MoveMentality® System offered by Got Your Back Total Health is a proprietary combination of your mindset and awareness of your total body health. Team members believe everyone has the ability to fully understand the benefits of exercise and physical therapy and reach their full health potential. 


It's Important To Begin With HUMILITY And Respect For Your Own Brain And Body.​

Do you want to move your BEST withOUT pain?

Have you been trying to work out but you’re afraid of old injuries? Do you want to know more about your own painful, clinical movement issues…and FINALLY make some progress? Are you looking for a movement program that’s guided by a doctor who wants you to succeed?! Well, if you said “yes” to any of these questions, then this is the app for you! Join the MoveMentality® and you will learn how to go from good to Better to BEST with your movement, and you’ll develop the mentality to continue to do it for life…withOUT pain.

Learn the BEST KEPT SECRETS in movement since…….movement. We believe that Movement IS Medicine. Add simple, effective ways to move without pain, and learn more about your own body language. Your body is an awesome system of systems, all working in unison to create your most resilient self, mind and body alike.

Learn from Dr. Justin Klein, movement expert and Original Strength instructor and clinician. He is a Doctor of Chiropractic, Chiropractic BioPhysics clinician, CEO of Got Your Back Total Health and the founder of The Got Your Back Foundation, 501(c)3. As a former athlete having suffered many injuries, from concussions to severe ligament sprains, Dr. J has always been searching for the BEST movement systems to make his physically therapeutic movement programs more effective and compliance-driven. The MoveMentality is his contribution.

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Your body, and someone else, will thank you. We will thank you, too!

If you download this app today, you will first learn the 3 Key Principles of rediscovering your
Original Strength™. If you can include these 3 Keys in everything you do, you will experience noticeable improvements in your life in all kinds of ways. From RESETs for rehab for pain-free movement, to performance enhancement and athletic PR's, to a calmer mind, body and soul, you will appreciate your new and improved MoveMentality if you accept the challenge. Are you ready to explore your mind and body's connections, press your RESET button, and enjoy daily physically therapeutic movement the way you were designed to move?!
All for just 5-36 minutes of mindful movement per day!!!

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Medical disclaimer: Please READ

THIS Application IS NOT INTENDED FOR THE PURPOSE OF PROVIDING MEDICAL ADVICE. All information, content, and material of this app is for informational purposes only and are not intended to serve as a substitute for the consultation, diagnosis, and/or medical treatment of a qualified physician or healthcare provider. This app is simply designed to guide you towards better SELF-AWARENESS and SELF-ASSESSMENT, so that you may communicate better with your providers if and when necessary. Please proceed mindfully, do NOT move in to pain, and contact your healthcare providers when necessary. 


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